Multisig Wallet for Bitcoin, Ordinals, BRC20s, and Stacks

Secure your assets: Manage DAO Treasuries in a secure Multisig
Supported Wallets:
Hiro walletXverseUnisat

Store all your Bitcoin Assets in a secure multisig

  • BRC20
  • Ordinals
  • Connect to Leather, Xverse, Unisat
  • Batch transactions
  • sBTC integrationSoon
  • Desktop, mobile, and hardware wallets integrationSoon

Creating a secure and non-custodial multisig wallet for Stacks

  • sBTC integration

    Send, Receive, and Bridge sBTC <-> Native BTC from the Asigna App.
  • Any dApps integration

    Interact with your favourite Stacks dApps from one console within your multisig
  • Native approach

    Means no additional risks, fully expandable (no borders), simple to use
  • Stacking

    Stack your STX in your multisig and earn BTC rewards.

Multisig SIP for Stacks

An SIP to make signature ordering more efficient for Stacks Multisigs was created with the help of the Asigna team.
Please take a look here to follow and support: Here


The most secure and trustless two-way peg for bitcoin right in your multisig wallet.

Available on both Stacks and Bitcoin networks.Read more about sBTC

Securing your Assets on an Easy-To-Use Interface

Supported Wallets:
Hiro walletXverseUnisat
OrdinalsConnecting to AsignaBRC-20Multi-trasaction


Use Ordinals protocol power at full capacity! Asigna supports storing and managing Bitcoin Ordinals and Ordinal inscriptions. Create, transfer and collect Ordinals right in your Asigna Multisig.

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